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Massage Therapy at Our Minneapolis Chiropractor Center

Take Care Chiropractic and Wellness combines our passion for natural healing with massage therapy to bring you the ultimate in pain relief. Our Minneapolis Chiropractor, Dr. Michael Oste, understands the benefits of natural healing as part of a wellness lifestyle to alleviate back pain, headaches, neck pain, and chronic conditions. When we use the body's ability to restore itself to better health, we are able to avoid medication side effects and the lengthy recovery of surgeries. If you are healing from an injury, chronic pain or a concern such as fibromyalgia, we encourage you to visit our Central Minneapolis chiropractor to learn about our advanced alternative health care options including the benefits of massage therapy.

Do you headaches or a chronic pains? You could use a massage, or rather massage therapy from our Minneapolis Chiropractor. Call today to learn more!

Conditions Aided Through Massage Therapy with Our Chiropractor in Minneapolis

Our chiropractor in Minneapolis is delighted to work with Mark Haws and Kelsey Norgren, our massage therapist. They believe in a holistic approach to wellbeing and massage therapy has helped many clients ease muscle tension and eliminate scar tissue. When developing your chiropractic care program, we may recommend massage therapy to help with conditions such as:

  • Back pain- massage therapy and chiropractic adjustments work together to position your spine into the best alignment. Our massage therapist reduces muscle tension which may be creating an imbalance in your back and pulling the spine out of alignment. 
  • Headaches- if we identify stress or muscle tension as one of your headache contributors, our massage therapist works the muscles of your upper back and neck to reduce stress and tension. You feel more relaxed physically and emotionally which reduces your headache symptoms.
  • Neck pain- if you are suffering from neck pain from an injury such as whiplash or from years of poor posture, massage therapy eases the tension in your neck. This allows the spine to position itself in a pain-free way and lessens the pressure on nerves.
  • Muscle strains- sports play and fitness participation may result in a muscle strain. Our massage therapists ease the inflammation in the muscle tissue to support cellular recovery and healing.
  • Scar tissue- a previous injury may have left you with scar tissue that causes pain and limited range of motion. Our massage therapists are trained to reach the deeper layers of muscle tissue to break up the scar tissue and reduce your pain.
  • Chronic conditions- conditions such as fibromyalgia have pain in certain trigger points. Our massage therapist uses trigger point therapy to alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia and other pain conditions. Trigger point release also helps with injury recovery and reducing scar tissue.

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Massage therapy is a relaxing and restoring health care complement. If you are dealing with pain and want to avoid the use of pain relievers, talk with our massage therapist about how this gentle approach alleviates pain. Our massage therapist provides a total-body massage or will concentrate on particular areas of discomfort. The choice is yours as we want to make you as comfortable as possible. For more information, to learn about our free consultations or to schedule an appointment, please call us today at 612-746-5555.


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