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Your Chiropractor in Minneapolis' Whole Person Approach to Sciatica Treatment

Are you suffering from a herniated disk or low back pain that is keeping you from staying engaged in your most loved activities and sports? Our whole person approach to chiropractic wellness at our Minneapolis chiropractor is our commitment to your health. Our caring doctor, Dr. Oste has been serving the greater Minneapolis area for the past 14 years. While you may come in to see us for the sciatica that you are experiencing now, we aim to provide you with more than simply relief care. Your sciatica treatment will be personalized by our chiropractor in Minneapolis and extend to your entire well-being. 

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Sciatica Treatment and Beyond from Take Care Chiropractic Care in Downtown Minneapolis

If you are suffering from low back pain or a herniated disk that has led to sciatica, we are ready to offer you pain relief. Sciatica may have occurred due to a workplace injury, sports injury, over-rotation or even a sedentary lifestyle. Our downtown Minneapolis chiropractor offers chiropractic care that is tailored to your needs. At your examination we will ask a series of questions and provide any imaging that may be necessary to assess your condition. We will perform chiropractic adjustments that may include spinal decompression and massage therapy to provide initial pain relief. We also provide advice on nutrition, ergonomics and orthotics when necessary. Whether your sciatica condition is acute or chronic, we want to get you beyond your low back pain.

Once we have determined the underlying causes of your sciatica, your sciatica treatment plan with our chiropractor in Minneapolis will be aimed at restoring you to your regular activities you love most. Is spinal decompression new to you? If so, this treatment is a gentle technique where a distractive force is performed along the spinal column. This decompressive force allows for a temporary "stretching" that decompresses the affected area. This "stretch" allows nutrients to flow into the vertebral spaces to help your herniated disk heal. Many patients feel immediate relief, but everyone is different and the number of chiropractic adjustments will vary from person to person. 

To help encourage healing and continue to reduce inflammation, our downtown Minneapolis chiropractor also offers massage therapy in the office. This complementary healing modality can help relieve tension in associated tissues where the sciatic nerve travels from the low back, down through the glutes and in many cases, down the leg. We may also offer nutritional counseling at your visit to further complement your chiropractic care with us. As a way to potentiate the effects of your treatment, home care exercises will be suggested for you to practice between your visits with us. 

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