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Stress Relief From Our Downtown Minneapolis Chiropractor

Stress, anxiety and tension are unfortunate facts of our fast-paced modern lives. When you live in a constant state of "fight or flight," your entire body can be affected, including the major muscle groups that can pull your spine out of alignment -- and the resulting pain just adds to your stress. Fortunately, you can stop this vicious cycle in its tracks without resorting to mind-dulling medication or withdrawing from everyday activities. Our Downtown Minneapolis chiropractor at Take Care Chiropractic & Wellness, Dr. Oste, can provide safe, natural stress relief.

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How Stress Levels Affect the Body (and Vice Versa)

Stress is the body's instinctive reaction to a perceived danger or threat. Adrenalin and other neurotransmitters set a chain of physical processes into action that prepare you to either combat the danger or run from it (a reaction popularly known as the "fight or flight" response). Muscles tense up, ready for immediate action, and they don't relax until the perceived threat is long gone. The problem is that in today's society, perceived threats large and small are all around us constantly, from the dangers of rush-hour traffic to the urgency of filling out that office report in time and seeing to the needs of our children. This means your muscles and biochemistry never have a chance to go back to normal.

Chronic stress creates many problems in the body. Elevated blood pressure and stress hormones can put you at risk for heart attacks or strokes, while the liver, adrenal glands, reproductive system and nervous system can also suffer. But the most obvious effect of stress may be the chronic muscle spasms, back pain, neck pain and headaches you experience. To make matters worse, chronic muscle tension around the spinal column can actually change your spinal alignment by tugging on the vertebral structures. the unbalanced body then experiences even more musculoskeletal pain -- and all this discomfort is more fuel for your feelings of stress.

Chiropractic Care and Massage Therapy for Stress Management

Our chiropractor in Minneapolis can play a vital role in your ongoing stress management. Chiropractic care and massage make a natural team in this effort. Massage therapy loosens those tight muscles to relieve painful spasms and give the fatigued muscle fibers a chance to heal themselves. It also increases the benefit you receive from chiropractic adjustments. Our chiropractic adjustments can undo the imbalances created by years of chronic stress, restoring your normal alignment and thus sparing your muscles additional strain. While our services can work wonders for acute stress relief, periodic sessions can also provide effective, drug-free stress management going forward. 

Ask Our Chiropractor in Minneapolis About Our Stress Relief Services

Stress-related aches and pains don't have to dominate your life. Call Take Care Chiropractic & Wellness at 612-746-5555 for an appointment with our Downtown Minneapolis chiropractor. Discover for yourself how effective our natural approach to stress relief and stress management can be!


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